Oct 17, 2022 | Car Accident

5 Common Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Lower or Deny your Auto Accident Claim

If you were injured in an auto accident, you can file a personal injury claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. A successful claim will allow you to receive compensation for your injuries. But please note that you will deal with a company’s insurance adjuster to try and resolve your claim. This adjuster is employed by the insurer, and therefore, often has the company’s best interests in mind rather than your own. Many times, he/she will employ certain tactics to lower or deny your claim to save the insurance company money. Make sure you watch out for the following five.

1.Contacting You Soon After Filing Your Claim

An adjuster will often contact you very soon after you file a claim. This is done mostly because:

  • You’re in a vulnerable position because of the accident,
  • You don’t know the full value of your claim, and
  • You have not had the opportunity to hire a lawyer.

The adjuster will take advantage of your position and try to have you admit that you helped cause your accident or somehow contributed to your injuries. If at all possible, try to delay in speaking with an adjuster or hire a lawyer and have your attorney talk to the adjuster.

2.Trying to Secure a Quick Settlement

Adjusters will sometimes try to settle your case in its early stages of development. Most times the offer is for a lowball settlement amount. If you take it, then the case is closed, and the insurer does not have to pay more.

Given this, be cautious with an adjuster’s first offer. If it seems unreasonably low, ask the adjuster why. Please also know that you are free to reject a low offer and make a counteroffer for a higher value.

3.Pressuring You to Give a Recorded Statement

Don’t agree to provide an insurer with a recorded statement. This is where an insurance adjuster asks you questions while recording your answers. Adjusters are notorious for asking leading questions and then twisting your words around to use them against you. They also often take small snippets of your statements and use them to reduce your final payout.

4.Asking You to Sign a Medical Authorization

If an adjuster presents you with a blanket medical authorization to sign, say “no thank you.” If you sign it, an insurer can use it to obtain medical records from any period in your life. Adjusters will look for evidence of prior injuries that are similar to the injuries you suffered in your car collision. The adjuster will then say that your “car accident injuries” are really injuries from a past event. The result is the denial of your claim or a very low settlement offer.

5.Saying You Don’t Need a Lawyer

Adjusters know the value that lawyers can bring to the table when negotiating a personal injury claim. For this reason, they will persuade you not to hire an attorney. They might say that a lawyer will just slow down the process or take your money. Both are not true.

As to the latter, note that most lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means you do not have to pay the attorney a dime unless he/she successfully settles your case. Further, the lawyer often collects a portion of your overall settlement. As a result, you don’t have to pay for the legal representation out of your own pocket.

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